2020 Classes

Micro Mini (Ages 4-8) (0-50cc)

65cc (Ages 6-11) (0-65cc 2-Stroke/0-90cc 4-Stroke)

Mini Junior (Ages 7-11) (66cc-85cc 2-Stroke/75cc-125cc 4-Stroke)

Mini Senior (Ages 12-15) (66cc-85cc 2-Stroke/75cc-125cc 4-Stroke)

125cc (86cc-125cc)

200cc (126cc-200cc 2-Stroke/126cc-250cc 4-Stroke)

250cc (201cc-250cc)

450cc (251cc-450cc)

600cc (451cc-600cc)

Stock Wheel Base (Stock wheelbase/No Cut Tires)

Open (Multi Cylinder)

Women (Ages 12 & Up)

Senior (Ages 40 & Up)

Four Stroke (0-600cc 4-Stroke)

Two Stroke (86cc-600cc 2-Stroke)

Super Senior (Ages 50 & Up)

Over 30 ATV

Open ATV

Vintage (1982 or older engine and Chassis/Max 3 Cylinder)

Verticross Offered at some hills

*Must be 12 to ride 125 & 200

*Must be 14 to ride 250cc & Up

*Must be 16 to ride 600cc & Up 

$25 per class entry fee

NEHA Rulebook

NEHA Rulebook (pdf)