How To Join/Rules


Sign Up for Points

To sign up for points before the start of the season, print out the form and mail it in. Points sign up will also be available at the first few events.  

Points Fees

1st class $45
2nd class $45
3rd class $25
4th class $25 

You must compete in 60% of the races to be eligible for a trophy at the end of the season.  


All hillclimb machines must have a working front brake and a working kill switch(cannot be elastic and must kill the engine when rider's wrist moves 36" from the handlebar). 
All riders must also have a helmet, long sleeve shirt, pants, eye protection, and boots.
Also, all ATV's must be equipped with working front and rear brakes.
If you do not have these you will not be able to compete. 

Paddle tires are not allowed in amateur hillclimbing.

New England Hillclimbers Rulebook

We currently follow AMA rules. You can find their rules on their website.